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RYS 200 Yoga Alliance

We are a team of qualified and experienced professional instructors, being here to share proper alignments and techniques of yoga asanas (physical yoga posture).


We believe that yoga is a process of inner journey and ascent of consciousness. By blending body and soul, meshing the physical with mental and spiritual in the most complex ways, the science of yoga unfolds the infinite potentials of the human body, mind and soul to imbibe the complete essence of The Way of Life.


Thus, by imbibing and upholding the science and philosophy of yoga, along with a series of simple act – ‘Pleasant words, kind deeds and good intentions’, in Yoga Moment, we guide you to discover Your Way of Life.


Mavis Soh


Mavis Soh, founder of Yoga Moment, has been in the field since 2005. 

She is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at E-RYT500 & YACEP. 

Further her studies from classical yoga, she has broadened her yoga knowledge in yoga therapy, yoga for diseases, Ayurvedic approach in yoga and the profondes of yogic principles.


Mavis also a sound healing practitioner using ancient Tibetan singing bowls and a registered yoga trapeze teacher certified by YOGABODY. 

Adopting a down to earth approach to yoga by teaching and guiding with an open heart as well as skilful hands-on assist, Mavis has been a willing teacher to every willing student. 

Her belief on cultivating an insight through consistent practice with the correct technique by focusing on the flow of breathing, stressing on thorough understanding on alignment and awareness on anatomy. 

With this formula, it enables her to encourage her students to explore beyond their perceived boundaries, both on and off the mat. 

Not only does Mavis practice yoga on the mat, she also upholds its philosophy off the mat.

She believes that yoga is not only a practice that is restricted to a confine studio, but also a philosophy that can be applied in life. 

Being a lover of travel, she blends in yoga into her holistic lifestyle by exploring beautiful, exotic places around the globe through her exclusive yoga retreat programmes that bring joy, fun and happiness to the people. 


Living at the moment – that’s her way of life.


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Elaine Teo-Yoga.jpg

Elaine Teo


Elaine Teo, co-founder of Yoga Moment, a true yoga lover and a certified RYT200 yoga teacher, believes that yoga is a lifetime practice and learning process that brings her mind and body into harmony.


Through yoga asana practice, she can focus her mind and always have self-reflection for better improvement.


Her practices focus on the fundamental knowledge and philosophy from the root of yoga which she believes that this is also the way of guidance.

Through yoga, Elaine realizes that there are limitations and advantages to every individual either physically or mentally, which some could be improved over time through practice.

While for some, need to accept the reality and know how to deal with it positively in an alternative way. With this mindset, she can handle her personal, work, social and family life – that’s her way of life.


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Kelly Tan


Kelly Tan, co-founder of Yoga Moment KL, has never done any exercise before she got to know yoga.


Started with once a week of practicing, to frequent practicing 4 times a week, Kelly finds yoga brings balance to her life. Mind over matters, she finds her mind calmer and able to find peace within.

After practicing for a few years, she has decided to pursue further on her yoga knowledge. She has completed her 200 hour Teacher Training Course with Mavis in 2019 and now a certified RYT200 yoga teacher.

Kelly believes that through practice, nothing is impossible.

Consistency & determination is what she always holds on.

Like other teachers, she also believes that yoga is a lifetime practice.

Alignment is what she likes, because through correct alignment, only our body gets the most benefit out of it. And one will realize how their body have changed in a good way through yoga practice.


Kelly loves yoga philosophy and history of yoga; she understands Yoga is not just a physical exercise to tone and sculpt the body but is a way of living our life.

She believes in the law of attraction because the universe responds to whatever we are offering thus she always sending good vibes & good energy in her class and to people around her.


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Matthew (Yoga Pose).jpg

Matthew Kemp


Matthew has practised yoga since he was a teenager.


He lived in India for 7 years where he learned the yoga technique in Shivanada.

He further studied Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Asanas at the Krya Yoga Ashram under Swami Shanker Ananda Giri.

He also studied Ashtanga Yoga at Mysore.


He has been in Malaysia since 2006 where he teaches intermediate and advance level classes.

Since 2009, he has developed a strong interest in Tripsichore technique (movement with breath) under the teaching of Edward Clarke.


It is the key component of his teachings today.

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Hum believes that yoga is the journey of self-rediscovery.

To him, every practice has its own unique experience & learnings.


After completing his 200-hr ytt back in 2017, he stays consistent with his practice and studies and continues to share what he knows.

Inspired by his teachers, hum strives to help yogis feel comfortable in their practice, as well as challenging themselves, ensuring a safe practice for everyone.

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Adelin Murugaya


Adelin Murugaya started her yoga journey in 2017.


A committed and dedicated student, she completed her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga Moment and is now ready to impart her knowledge.


To her, yoga has been a process of self-discovery and has brought tremendous new-found values and benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Yoga is now a part of her lifestyle and she feels that it would be a shame not to share all these with others.

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Lina Shaik has always had an inherent love for yoga.

She recently embarked on a journey to deepen her practice by completing the 200 hours Teacher Training with Yoga Moment KL.

The enriching experience she has gained throughout her practice, ignited a desire to inspire and guide others on their own yoga path.

Enthusiastic about the physical and mental benefits of yoga, Lina Shaik cherishes how it nurtures the body and brings harmony to the mind.


She believes that through regular practice, individuals can experience a profound sense of well-being, enhanced flexibility, improved strength, and a calmer state of mind.

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Sitti Shahani 


Sitti’s yoga practice started as an on and off recovery exercise for outdoor activities in 2007.

Until a personal event happened that limited her mobility in 2019, she found her way back on the mat and started her journey to self-discovery and mindfulness.


She believes that movement meditation, in silence or with music, unites the body, mind, and breath.


Sitti completed her 200-hour Yoga teacher’s training in 2022 and as she continues her journey to self-discovery, she trained under the founder of Inside Flow and is now a certified Inside Flow Gold Instructor.

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Dennies is a committed yoga practitioner and enthusiastic who has been practicing yoga for over 8 years and completed his 200-hour yoga YTT at Yoga Moment KL.


Yoga initially appealed to Dennies as a means of reducing stress and anxiety during tumultuous work periods.

The practice quickly grew into a passion and lifelong pursuit for him.


As a teacher, Dennies aims to foster a secure and nurturing learning environment that allows students to uncover their unique physical, mental, and spiritual benefits from this ancient tradition.

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Living at the moment, through yoga's ways of life.

- Mavis Soh

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